Who We Serve

PEER Academy accommodates students with the following: ASD, Autism, Aspergers, Intellectual Disabilities, Developmental Delay, Down Syndrome, and other types of learning disabilities.


At PEER, we believe that every child is entitled to a learning environment which will promote learning to the fullest potential.

PEER Academy is one of the first schools in our region to offer a comprehensive and therapeutic program to students with Autism and other developmental disabilities.

PEER Academy aims to provide students with a customized academic plan, grounded on research-based strategies, designed to meet the unique learning profiles of our students. Our students are very capable of learning, but the approach must be much more personalized than that of public schools. Our focus will be on intense language intervention as well as academic and social skills.

PEER Academy will offer our students the following:

  • Low teacher-student ratio
  • One-on-one sessions
  • Highly specialized teachers and aides
  • Use of visual aids and schedules
  • Increased rate of repetition to master skills
  • We recognize the varying sensory needs of our students

Admission Process

PEER Academy is now accepting applications!

We would be delighted to arrange a personal tour of PEER Academy located in Knoxville, Tennessee. During your visit, you will experience our philosophy, meet our staff, and review a day in the life at PEER Academy. PEER Academy is a tuition based school, and we are also an IEA recipient through the state of Tennessee.  For more information and to schedule a visit please call (423) 277-6697 or email our office at dmessinger@knoxpeeracademy.org. We accommodate grades K-12.

We observe the following intake procedures:

  • Families and school district personnel visit the school and tour the facility to determine if it’s a good fit for the child
  • Member(s) of the treatment team meet the child for an initial assessment.
  • Members of the treatment team review the child’s IEPs, Progress Reports and other relevant documentation
  • Members of the treatment team work with the family to determine whether PEER placement would be beneficial to the child
  • If placement is approved, an educational learning plan is developed to support the child

Post Admission Process

After the admission process is completed, students are admitted on a combination of the application, interview and assessments. We want to make sure PEER Academy can provide the correct environment for each child.